This is the official first post on the new Francesca Watson Designs website! Writing is one of the things I like to do in my (increasingly limited) spare time, so I’m creating space here to share some of what goes on in my studio and thoughts about the current work that’s passing through my hands. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting from time to time!

For now, the process of launching this site has been all-consuming and I haven’t had as much making time as I’d like. My studio looks like a bomb went off and we’re redoing my jewelry display area, which has meant moving things around, much to the dismay of Sterling, our shop cat. (Doesn’t she look happy about all the activity?) You can read more about our studio and our lives here in this recent interview with Rio Grande.

So please look around the site and let me know what you think! There’s more coming, and we’re glad you’re here (in spite of how Sterling looks about it)!

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